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United States & U.S. Territories

Standard Delivery

LBH Tennis offers FREE GROUND SHIPPING on orders of 3 or more tops.

Express Delivery

  • Orders received by 4 P.M. EST will ship the same day from zip code 90501
  • All express deliveries will be made via UPS
  • You will be charged the prevailing UPS standard rate for service requested


Refused & Undeliverable Shipments

If a package is refused for delivery or returned due to the inability to deliver, you will be responsible for all shipping charges incurred by LBH Tennis. Upon return of your order to our warehouse, we will issue a credit to the original credit card for the purchase price less the actual shipping costs to you and back to us. In the event the original shipment qualified for free shipping, you will be charged the amount that LBH Tennis paid for that shipment even though you were not originally invoiced for the freight. Any additional fees incurred for the return of the package will be charged to your card.